Fan Palm – Chrissie McLaughlin


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Fan Palm Seven is from a series of watercolours painted in the Dubuiji Boardwalk in Cape Tribulation. The Fan Palm forest is at the entrence to the Dubuji  Boardwalk track. The Fan Palm forest is appoximatly 100 years old.

Fan Palms are easy to admire: their geometric puzzle of palm fronds and layered silhouettes against the sky are iconic images of Queensland’s northern rainforests.

Painted on Archival watercolour paper with watercolour paints. I recommend the reproduction prints on Smooth Cotton Rag Paper. The prints come in three sizes however custom sizes can be produced.

Fan Palm forests provide habitat for a suite of rare and threatened flora and fauna, including the Southern Cassowary, the Pied Imperial Pigeon and Bennett’s Tree Kangaroo.

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Dimensions 30 × 40 cm