Flintstone Designs aka Gabrielle Cooney

In the raw, unrefined earth, I find a canvas for my creative expression. My creations serve as a testament to my dedication to handcrafting, rough-hewn pots that bear the marks of both the material and the maker.

Guided by my hands and a deep connection to the earth, I embrace the imperfections and irregularities that arise during the hand-building process. The malleability of the clay allows me to break free from the constraints of conventional wheel-thrown forms, giving rise to unique pieces that possess a rugged authenticity.

The hand-built pots stand as silent witnesses to the alchemical dance between fire and earth. These textures, reminiscent of the rugged landscapes that have inspired me, invite viewers to connect with the tactile and visual essence of the natural world.

These vessels, with their primal rawness and elemental energy, beckon viewers to touch, feel, and ponder the bonds that tie us to the Earth. In a world that often emphasizes the polished and perfected, my work stands as a tribute to the beauty found in embracing the unrefined and the authentic.

As you engage with my pieces, I hope you will find a renewed appreciation for the earth beneath your feet and the timeless artistry that emerges when human hands and natural elements collaborate.

Selling in several galleries my ceramics are capturing the interest of those who wish to step out beyond the ‘usual’.