Raintree- Chrissie McLaughlin


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In the wet season, the 100 years out plus trees protect the valley from wind flooding & rain erosion damage. In the summer, they provide shade and all-year-round homes for wildlife and other indigenous plants that make their home on the tree. In the wet season, the heat and steam give the Raintree a floating appearance.

I have used pure pigments to create the painting, including Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan. Hand-crushed pigment is mixed with mediums to create the pigments. Creating colours from pigments often gives unusual shades and richness that cannot be found in pre-made paints.

Imagebank Australia has been my print partner for the past decade. Their print and ink quality is museum standard. I have hand-selected the artisan papers to suit my artwork, and the canvas prints have UV laminate protection for conservation and fading. I love the high-quality Acrylic prints and blocks for unique gifts or stylish ornamental art. Custom sizes and discounted bulk orders are available.

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Dimensions 40 × 28 cm