chrissie McLaughlin artist


Chrissie McLaughlin

artist & art curator
Port Douglas | Australia

Today we’re exploring the private collection of Queensland artist & art curator,  Chrissie McLaughlin

Chrissie with Artist “Che” chat under Che’s painting “Stingray” that hangs above the couch, purchased from the artist in 2018.

I was mesmerised by Che’s painting as soon as I saw those blues.

Che asked that I take a look at this painting in 2018; he wanted my advise on whether I thought further work was required. I’ve known Che for some years; his studio was across the road from mine. We share laughter, opinion and a lot of wine.

Che is a master of colour, especially blues. His work is textural in Monochromatic colour schemes that are created from a single base hue and layered using its shades, tones and tints. He searches the world for pigments, and it’s a big part of what I love about Che’s work. Che has many secret textual techniques and a style unto himself. I love this painting as I had a say in its completion (not many artists allow that). Che artwork is unique, genius and very pleasant to live with.