gabrielle cooney artist


Gabrielle Cooney

artist & website developer
Cairns | Australia

Some favorite pieces from Gabrielle’s art collection

I have a house full of art. Nearly every wall is covered and little room for more. The majority of the pieces have been traded with clients for website development.

And others purchased by my husband and I at exhibitions and galleries around the world.

One of the first major pieces I acquired was from an artists collective gallery in Kuranda, North Queensland. I traded a website for this oil painting from Ed Koumans, it was the signature image used on the invitation to an exhibition he had.  His art usually follows the theme of mens heads, I have three pieces now and I love them all equally.


Other pieces that I treasure. This funny yellow ceramic duck (i think) made by my younger brother Matthew, this gift by amazing artist and friend Caroline Mudge, depicts me on top of a stack of suitcases in a boat rowed by my best friend Craig, the slogan

“Life is short, live for today”

is my main mantra.