chrissie McLaughlin artist


Simon Tait

art maker
Adelaide | Australia

Whimsical treasure 


This piece was given to me by my brother. He was working on a converted ice breaking ocean going tug that travelled the world at the behest of it’s owner, an American who had made it big from Health Insurance. It was a luxury ship that looked military, and could basically go anywhere in the world.

My brother was a divemaster and looked after the dive deck. They’d been up near the Arctic Circle, Ice diving and spotting Polar bears, and he went into a store in one of the Nordic Countries, and bought me this print. He gave it to me and we decided that the Vikings pictured were actually our uncles, as we do have viking heritage through our Dad’s relations back to the Shetland Islands.

Forever after we pick out a character or two from this delightful screen print who becomes Uncle Brian, or Uncle Dick, or one of our many true ancestors.

I love the whimsical nature of it, and the fact it was bought by hand from the complete other side of the world….